Damage Waiver

(This is NOT insurance.)

A 10% damage waiver is included on all rental orders to help off-set ware and tare associated with normal event use.

The Waiver Rate is calculated on the full rental amount and does not include discount rental rate.  This waiver limits client liability to 30% of replacement costs for charges due to accidental damage.  This does not include damage caused due to neglect, intentional damage, loss or theft.

If Damage Waiver is declined, Proof of Insurance will be required for the full replacement value and must be provided prior to order pick-up/delivery, or the full replacement amount can be held as a pending transaction on a valid credit card.

Damage Waiver Example 

Rental Rate Total: $500

10% Damage Waiver Rate: $50

Full Replacement Vaule: $2000 (with declined damage waiver)

Non-Repairable Damage Example:  $200 replacement value = $60 w/ dmg waiver.

Full Order Damage Example: $600 w/ 30% maximum damage waiver liability.