Round Tables

Standard Table Linens

Enjoy the cost-saving benefit of using square linens to cover your round tables. You can see the drop of the corners hang down much further than what a standard round linen would provide, giving you the appearance of a more expensive linen-to-floor option at less than half the expense.

Linen to Floor

When elegance is what your event is all about, you may want to consider base table linens that go to the floor to create a clean seamless look to your reception space. We offer both 120' linens in white, ivory or black to work with 5' round tables & highboy cocktail tables events.

Round Tables

ACCENTS Event Planning & Rentals offers several options for your linen coverings to fit 5', 6' or standing cocktail tables. Our standard poly-cotton square linens, along with our linen-to-floor options, are available in white, ivory and black.

We can also custom order colored linens from over 30+ swatches with no shipping charges (as long as your event is more than two weeks out).