Frequently Asked Questions


Do the linens come ready to use?

Yes.  All linens that we rent out are pressed and folded before they go out, including custom ordered linens, which means your linens are ready to use and free of shipping wrinkles. For those looking for perfection, we do offer a touch-up ironing and hanger service for clients that want the least amount of folds in their linens.

Are your rental linens shipped in?

Only custom ordered linens are shipped. ACCENTS Event Planning & Rentals owns and manages all linens in-house.

When do I need to get a linen order placed?

ACCENTS Event Planning & Rentals recommends reserving your linens as soon as possible to ensure that we will have enough linens to accommodate your event. It is recommended that you reserve your order no less than two weeks prior to your event date. For custom order linens, we recommend four weeks to ensure availability and time to iron out shipping wrinkles.

Can I pick-up my order early?

Maybe. All orders are ready for client pick-up one day prior to the event. Early pick-up is an option for in-stock product, if requested and approved. Custom or special order items may require a rush order fee for early pick-up.

Can you hang my linens on hangers?

Yes, for clients that require fewer folds in the linens we do offer the service to hang linens on hangers, but for an extra fee.

Will my linens be free of wrinkles?

Slight wrinkles may be present due to folding, packaging, and the transportation of linens. We do offer a service to reduce the amount of folds with our hanger services.

Will my linens be free of creases?

No. Due to folding, packaging, and the transportation of linens, there is no way to completely eliminate creases from ironing and folding. However, we do offer a service to greatly reduce the amount of folds with our hanger services. If your event requires “crease free” linens, the only way that can be accomplished is by steaming or spot ironing them on site (Additional Service Fee Required).

Do I have to wash table linens after the event?

No. ACCENTS Event Planning & Rentals only requires that you remove excess debris (food crumbs, napkins, rose petals, etc.) before putting the soiled linens in provided laundry bags. 

Do I have to pay for extra shipping charges on linens?

Rarely. Since ACCENTS Event Planning & Rentals carries the majority of our linens in-house there is no shipping charges that get passed on to you. The only time you would be responsible for shipping charges is if your event requires a Custom or Rush Order that results in extra charges.

Do colors match in each fabric collection?

Yes. As long as the 2-digit color code is the same it will match within that fabric style. However, if additional linens are required to complete an order, ACCENTS Event Planning & Rentals can not guarantee a perfect match.  If enough lead time to your event is available, we can order a sample swatch from our linen source to check dye lot compatibility.

Do colors match from one fabric collection to another?

Not always. Fabric colors can react very different by fabric type. It is always important to compare one fabric collection against another to make sure they match. If you do not want variation in color it is recommended that you stay within one fabric collection.

How can I be sure a color will match my event?

You can order a sample swatch for any of the ACCENTS Event Planning & Rentals in-stock fabric collections. From experience we have learned that exact color matches are nearly impossible. Anytime you use a different manufacturer or change fabric types you will find slight color variations.